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Anyone that has a computer?

If someone calls with an unknown caller ID and no number display, and they say that there’s something wrong with your computer and they have to have access to your computer to solve the problem; lie that you don’t have a computer (laptop).

Here, at home, we don’t have…

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Anonymous said: Hate to break it to ya, you're just a fat girl with giant boobs.


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a haiku for filmmakers who set their films in mexico:

your mexico film

better not be about drugs

i swear to god bro

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why do good shows get canceled when american idol is in it’s 13th season

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“You look great,” I said. It was true. She did look great. She always looked great.

She rewarded me with a half-smile. “You always say that. Was there ever a time you didn’t think I looked great?”

I realized the question was probably rhetorical but I thought on it anyway….

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Eat a peach

Practice on a peachTake a peach and practice


Eat a peach

Practice on a peach
Take a peach and practice

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